Chico Outsiders

To Play, To Protect, To Preserve


The Outsiders, and Chico Outsiders, are a California Public Charity 501(c)(3). Our corporate filings are under the name Outside Recreation Advocacy, Inc. The Outsiders initially organized in 2007 to build a childrens' disc golf course in partnership with the Chico Area Parks and Recreation District. The facility was built with volunteer labor, and 50% of the funding came from private donations. It took several months organize, fund raise, and then build the course. 

In late 2008 a City Council voted to remove disc golf from our local park system. Members of the Outsiders organized a referendum drive to challenge the decision, and were successful in changing the Council's mind. The referendum effort gathered 8600 signatures in 4 weeks. Our volunteers wrote software to cross check the signatures with the voter database. After removing erroneous signings we turned in over 6000 signatures with a 97% validity rate. The County Clerk described the effort as the most organized referendum she had ever seen.

A byproduct of the referendum effort was a decision by the council to require a formal non-profit to manage and maintain the disc golf course in our park system. In 2009 we filed for non-profit status, and received it in July of 2009. We are a member funded organization, and are always looking for new people who want to be Outsiders. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more.