Chico Outsiders

To Play, To Protect, To Preserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Wet Weather Policy
A: In short, the Wet Weather Policy says that when ever Peregrine Point recieves more then .25 inches of rain, the course shall be closed until it dries up a little.

Q: I see some weird blue things and they are not disc golf baskets. What are they?
A: Our current alternate pins are tone poles. Hit any part of the blue section and it is considered holeing out. They are not cup holders.

Q: Is it true that the course can be removed if the Outsiders don't pay a lot of money or maintain certain standards?
A: The short answer is yes. The longer answer goes along these lines. The City of Chico and the Chico Outsiders are in an Operational Agreement to allow for the Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course to exist. One of the requirements is that there are anual studies and insuience that the Outsiders are obligated to pay for. These two items alone can cost upward of $10,000 anually. The second requirement is the mitigation plan. Tree protectors, mulch, path maintenance... Pretty much the normal things that go into keeping a course operating. If either of these items are not met. The city of Chico has the right to remove the Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course.